UPPP! Custom Template

UPPP! is a custom template inspired by the many jumping games on the AppStore. The goal is to get as high as you can get. To make the game difficult it has been added platforms that disappear and moving platform, as well as birds that flies into the game area.

The game includes beautiful clean graphics and music, that makes the game publish-ready on any platforms.



Qiller is a custom template where the goal is to avoid enemies and fill the screen with a selected color. When you tap the screen it starts to produce a circle shape and grows bigger when you hold. When you release the tap the circle shape get locked into position.

The difficult factor in this template was to construct a code that scans how much of the screen that is filled. With some tricks and advanced coding techniques we managed to get it done and the result is fully functionable and fun game.


Stack Shapes

Stack Shapes is a custom template where you place shapes into a space and the goal is to get all of the shapes into the room without any gets out of bound. The game contains 50 levels and have increasing difficulty.

In developing Stack Shapes we really focused to get real world physics into a mobile game. We created custom collision rules for every shape, that resulted in a real-life experience of falling and colliding.


Treasure Ahoy! IOS App

Treasure Ahoy! ($ 0.99)
$ 0,99If you like pirate game, you like this game. Somewhere on the high seas, there is a little pirate sailing his boat searching for treasure. Suddenly, He found an island and he’s so surprised. What’s on the island? Let’s find out and help him to take adventure.



In 2014 LionsGames Studio helped a creative person to code Treasure Ahoy!, and we think it turned out really good. Make sure to check it out and download it at the AppStore!